New functions

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Currently, all new features are made available as SYS() functions. The following functions are new in Guineu and therefore not supported in Visual FoxPro 9.0:


SYS(8000) - Unicode support

SYS(8001) - Path handling

SYS(8002) - Ignore unknown tokens

SYS(8003) - .NET Debugger support

SYS(8004) - Switch SPT engine

SYS(8005) - Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition support

SYS(8006) - High resolution support

SYS(8007) - Make a phone call

SYS(8008) - Register base classes

SYS(8009) - HTTP data transfer

SYS(8010) - FTP data transfer

SYS(8011) - Support options

SYS(8013) - Change system time

SYS(8014) - Configure control behavior

SYS(8015) - Send Emails via SMTP