SYS(8008) - Register base classes

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Provides additional base classes.


SYS( 8008, cClass )



Name of the class. The following controls are available:





A control to capture signatures on mobile devices. This class is only available on Windows Mobile.

Return value

Returns a string indicating whether the class was newly registered.


Many platforms have additional capabilities that are not available in desktop applications. Guineu provides additional form controls that cover these areas. These classes are by default not available in order to maintain backward compatibility with Visual FoxPro.


When you use one of the additional base classes in a form, you need to register the base class before you call the form. It would be to late in any form event including the Load event. You also must register a class before you use a user-defined class of the same name.


Once a base class is registered, any user-defined class with the same name is ignored. Instead Guineu loads the registered base class. This is useful for creating place holders in VFP for the actual controls. Basically, you can use a container class with a name from the list above in your forms instead of the additional classes.