SYS(8005) - Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition support

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Provides additional support for the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition that have no native counterparts in the language and cannot be accessed through SQLEXEC()


SYS( 8005, cCommand, cConnectionString )



Specifies one of the commands from the list. All commands are case insensitive, but cannot be abbreviated:





Updates the database to the current version of the database engine. If the database already is at the current version, SYS(3005) returns immediately.


Creates a new, empty database with the name speciefied in the connection string.



Specifies the location of the database as well as additional options. A basic connection string requires the Data Source setting:


"Data Source=Northwind.sdf"


On mobile devices you should specify the full path to the database, since many mobile devices do not support current directories. While Guineu simulates those for regular xBase statements, Guineu does not alter any connection string to adjust path names.

Return value

Returns a string indicating the name of the current engine. If you don't pass a second parameter, Guineu returns the state without changing it.

See also

SYS(8004) - Switch SPT engine