SYS(8003) - .NET Debugger support

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Enables or disables .NET Debugger support in Guineu.


SYS( 8000 [,0 | 1] )



Disables .NET Debugger support. This is the default value at startup.



Enables .NET Debugger support.

Return value

Returns a numeric value as a character string that indicates the current state. If you don't pass a second parameter, Guineu returns the state without changing it.


.NET Debugger support is only relevant if you call Guineu from a .NET application. You can safely ignore this option, if you are using Guineu.EXE or Guineu.compact.EXE.


When .NET Debugger support is enabled, you can subscribe to events in GuineuInstance that are triggered before and after each line is executed.

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