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Guineu is an add-on for Microsoft Visual FoxPro® 9.0. It's an alternative runtime library that allows the execution of compiled FoxPro code on any .NET compliant platform.

Documentation overview

Getting started

Provides information about how to install Guineu and supporting tools. Offers first steps to create your first application with Guineu.


Supported Features

Provides a quick overview on which features are already available in Guineu.


Developing Mobile Applications

Provides an introduction how to develop applications for mobile devices with Guineu.



Provides detailed information about all supported language elements, extensions that work only in Guineu, and comprehensive syntax information.

Additional information

Guineu Support Forum

Get in contact with other Guineu developers and the product team.


Guineu Release Blog

Be the first to read about features in a new release and keep up-to-date with Guineu


Download latest version

The most recent build is always available in our download area