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Guineu has different requirements for you as the developer and the user of your applications. As a developer you need to run Visual FoxPro® on your development machine to create Guineu applications. Your users only need the Guineu runtime and the .NET framework.

On the developer's computer

Microsoft Visual FoxPro® 9.0. If Visual FoxPro® is licensed for academic use only, you can use Guineu only for academic purposes, as well.
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or compatible.

End-users machines

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or compatible.

Operating system for compact version

Windows Mobile Software for Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 for PocketPC, Windows CE .NET 5.0 and higher.

Operating system for desktop version

Windows 2000 Service Pack 3; Windows 98; Windows 98 Second Edition; Windows ME; Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista Business; Windows Vista Business 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Enterprise; Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Home Basic; Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Home Premium; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Starter; Windows Vista Ultimate; Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition; Windows XP Service Pack 2; any platform supported by Mono (

Additional required software

Guineu uses additional software components. Even though some of them come bundled with Guineu, you are not allowed to re-distribute them with your own application. In order to distribute your application, you need to download these libraries yourself and accept their license agreement:


Smart Device Framework 2.2

The Smart Device Framework is required for Windows Mobile applications. You can download the free Community edition of the framework at


Visual WebGUI Framework

The Visual WebGUI Framework is required for ASP.NET applications written with Guineu. You can download the free framework from