Enabled Property

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Specifies whether a control responds to user interface and timer events.


Object.Enabled = lEnabled



Specifies whether the control responds to any event generated by user interface activity such as mouse movements and keystrokes. lEnabled also controls the Timer event for the Timer Control. The following table lists possible value




True (.T.)

(default) The control responds to all events.

False (.F.)

The control only responds to some system generated events such as Destroy.


Applies to: Editbox Control | Form Control | Image Control | Signature Control


Disabled controls provide visual feedback to the user and, hence, change their appearance when the Enabled property changes. Disabled controls do not receive event notifications, cannot be modified by the user, and never receive the focus.


Disabling a container disables all contained controls. However, in this case contained controls might look enabled, but still won't respond to any user activity.