ControlBox Property

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Specifies whether window control icons appears. The position and count of these icons depend on the platform. On Windows desktop these icons include the Close button, the Minimize and Maximize buttons as well as the form icon on the left side of the title bar.


Control.ControlBox = lExpr



The values for the ControlBox property are:





(default) Displays the window control icons.


Hides the window control icons


Applies to: Form Control


Hiding the window control icons prevents the user from using the keyboard to move, resize or closing the window unless there's a dedicated hot key for a particular action.


Windows Mobile: The control icon is either the [x] or the [ok] button that appears in the upper right corner of the system bar. On Windows Mobile 6.5 devices with SureLock Studio the button appears in the lower right corner. If you disable the control on your main application window, the user cannot hide or close your application.