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Guineu.exe is the runtime executable for desktop applications. It runs on Windows using the Microsoft .NET Framework and on multiple other platforms with Mono. Guineu.EXE is a console application that covers text-based applications as well as form-based applications.


Guineu.exe [cFxpFile]



Name of an FXP file that is executed. If you omit the name of the FXP file, Guineu uses the name of the EXE and replaces it with FXP. That is, by default, Guineu searches for a Guineu.FXP file. You can deploy your application by renaming Guineu.EXE to the name of your main FXP file.


On Unix based systems the FXP file name must match in case the name on disk. Visual FoxPro® generates an upper-case FXP extension by default. If you haven't configured Mono to run automatically for managed applications, you need to call mono passing Guineu.exe as a parameter like this:


mono Guineu.exe [cFxpFile]


If you haven't configured your Visual FoxPro® 9.0 compiler to automatically compile when you save a program you have to remember to issue




in the Visual FoxPro® 9.0 IDE. Guineu, unlike Visual FoxPro® 9.0, does not compile PRG files when they are outdated.