Guineu is an alternative runtime library for Microsoft Visual FoxProŽ 9.0 that runs on any Microsoft .NET compatible platform. Guineu has to offer something for you, if you

...are a Visual FoxProŽ developer

...migrate to .NET



Where can I download Guineu?

Guineu is open source. You can either download all sources or just the binaries.

How does Guineu work?

Guineu is a byte code interpreter that executes compiled Visual FoxProŽ files directly. Guineu provides a compatible environment in which applications are executed.

How compatible is Guineu really?

The goal is to reach full compatibility with Visual FoxProŽ 9.0. Realistically it will take at least several years to get there, though. I plan to implement features incrementally in the order of demand. Frequently used features get implemented first, sparsely used features have to wait.

What do I need?

Guineu is an add-on for Microsoft Visual FoxProŽ 9.0. In order to use Guineu, you need a valid Visual FoxProŽ 9.0 license. Guineu is not a replacement for Visual FoxProŽ. It's an extension to explore possibilities beyond what's available today. Visual FoxProŽ is required for development but not at runtime.

What does Guineu mean?

Guineu is Catalan, a language spoken in Northern Spain, Andorra and some parts of France. La guineu (it's female) translates to "fox" in English. When pronounced the "U" is silent and "E" and "U" are two separate vowels.

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